Friday, May 07, 2010

Of Uncle Fred and Bakelite in the Springtime...or something like that

Today has been a great day. It's spring. May. Sunny. Blue Skies. And Good Weather.

In addition, I've been reading Wodehouse, which is enough to make a cloudy, cold, early winter day seem bright. In addition to THAT, a vintage Score was made.

The book is Cocktail Time. Good title, isn't it? It's an Uncle Fred, and not the earliest...he's married, but as bright eyed, bushy tailed and interfering as ever he was. Really, next to Jeeves he's Plum Wodehouse's best creation.

(And I'm reading it because, bless the place, the Providence Athenaeum still keeps it in the stacks.)

As to the vintage Score (aka Bakelite napkin rings)...I saw them a few days ago at a local antiques mall. Not the one where I hold a booth. It's a little less pricey, and if you're willing to dig, a great place for a bargain.

These napkin rings were jumbled together in a plastic bag. Twelve of them. And the price?

[Wait for it...]

$16.00. Really. I kid you not. For twelve Bakelite napkin rings, in near-mint condition. They're Scottie dogs. On wheels. With bright little eyes. Now, DH and I did consider selling them. (I'd make a killing.) But can you see them holding place of pride at a buffet supper? Fala eat your heart out (look up FDR if you don't follow that).



Holy smoke, the chair is a real beauty! Never saw such pretty chair before.

Eileen, did you find "The Awful Truth"? I added a description to your Hamlet-part. If you really like screwball and you never saw that film, you missed a great chance to laugh yourself to death...


Eileen said...

Oh, I've seen the AT, (don't know how many times); I just didn't particularly remember anything about the radio.

Thanks RE the chair! We need to do a bit of work on the set, it's getting rickety, but we love the thing. It's perfect in our dining room.

SusieQT said...

OMG what a SCORE! And they are really cute, more than just your basic napkin ring. (And remember that discussion we had about blue bakelite? Someone must have kept these buried in a drawer out of the light so they are still blue- amazing!)