Monday, November 09, 2009

Proof of Socks

I've been making socks still. The knee high cream boucle socks are on my feet right now.

Jimmy's Regia Silk socks are here:

He hates the pointy toes. :-D So his next pair (cream and gray boucle with a Fair Isle band) will have round toes.

Here are the openwork ribbing socks I made a few weeks ago:

Unfortunately, the flash washed out the details. Still, here's some proof!


Batty said...

Great socks! I just finished some striped socks for my s-mil, and they have a pointy toe like that. I hope she doesn't hate it...

Eileen said...

Thanks! Now I'm making the Fair Isle socks; well, socks with a FI stripe, for DH. Coming right along.

But I haven't picked up the MiL mittens for weeks!

Drífa said...

Great socks !

I am interested in learning how you did the openwork ribbing on the ivory socks ? Could you share he knowledge ?