Friday, November 13, 2009

Crime Bake 2009

Nearly time to go!

I'll be bringing my manuscript with me, though I have not signed up for a critique...I hope that this will give me the push to get back into working regularly (that is, a kick in the posterier to make me act like an adult with a proper work ethic).

This is going to be fabulous. I have been wanting to attend a mystery conference for many years. Twenty at least!

If I remember to bring the camera pictures will make an appearance after I return.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I'm sure if there's a murder at the conference, you'll solve it. ;)

Hope you're well and knitting like crazy.

Batty said...

Have a blast! I hope it gives you the proverbial kick in the rear to crank that productivity. And it sounds like an event that allows for knitting.

Eileen said... one solved the murder at the banquet (so much for a room full of mystery authors and readers).

And though I brought the camera, it never made an appearance. The knitting, however, did.

I will forever be known as The Knitter around that crew.