Monday, August 24, 2009

Art Deco Diva does What?

"Knits", she sighed.

Except that she doesn't. Hasn't much recently. I was in a fine knitting frenzy in the winter and early spring. In March I made two pairs of socks for myself and started a pair for DH. Finally finished his socks in early May, cast on for a pair for myself (to be taken to the PawSox Stitch 'n Pitch)...and I will probably finish them this week. There are about 10 rows left (and have been since late last week).

You would think that an otherwise unemployed Hausfrau/writer would seize the opportunity, wouldn't you? Oddly, this state of mine has the effect of making me feel guilty for "wasting" time knitting. If I'm not doing housework or writing, I'm being bad, get it? (I never said it made sense.)

I did go so far as to put the lightweight lace wrap I started in February in the knitting bag where the white socks are living. Because God forbid I should run out of things to knit...even if I'm not knitting.

An analyst could have a lot of fun with this!


Batty said...

If you find an analyst who also knits, you should be fine. I go through ups and downs too -- a week or more of not knitting a single stitch, followed by a deranged knitting frenzy. Sometimes, it depends on the weather, sometimes, it has to do with stress levels, sometimes, there's no possible explanation for it.

Maybe you'd feel less guilty if you sat on the porch and knit for a while? It's difficult to write or hausfrau when you're not in the Haus, see?

suky said...

my knitting bag is also stuffed with a couple half done projects & the bags of yarn by door & in the knitting bag are for those things i "only need to swatch" before starting in earnest. *sigh*