Friday, May 08, 2009

Paint Fumes

Ugh. I've been painting the upstairs bath (finally!) and using an oil-based primer. It didn't bother me yesterday but it does today. At least the second coat of primer (yep) is on...tomorrow or Monday I'll be putting on the paint. Then to the curtains, which I have to design and make. Probably something simple. They will need to disguise the fact that the idiot who made the other unimprovements put the wrong sized window into the frame.

We have the bedroom furniture in now, too. I've ordered a mirrored glass top for the dressing table (it's two small tables to be connected by the glass). That should be ready for pick-up next week. After that I'll iron the vintage draperies & spread, and except for artwork and a decent rug, the bedroom will be set.

Just the guest room remaining, now. We do need to paint most of downstairs, the hallway, and the upper hall as well. Otherwise, though, we'll be fairly well settled.

Time for home repair--the silver lining of being unemployed.

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Batty said...

Sounds like you're making big progress! The weather is nice, so I hope you can have the windows open as you apply the primer.