Monday, May 04, 2009

FOs, here and there

I haven't posted many photos, especially lately. My old laptop went to the scrap heap in the sky (metaphorically speaking) and my new one doesn't have the photo software installed yet.

But I moved a few over from DH's computer.

Here is the Frankencozy I gave to my former boss for his birthday.

These are the silk mitts I made for the receptionist. I still haven't given them to her; I was laid off the Friday before her birthday:

I'll find more, and maybe they'll be posted this year. Maybe not....


Batty said...

Love the Frankencozy! It ate the tea pot, graaaaaaaargh!

Those mitts are very elegant. If you don't want to give them to the receptionist, you can always keep them if they fit.

Eileen said...

Thanks! The cozy works really well; we tried it out. I hope the ...person uses it.

As for the mitts, they do fit, but I made them for her, and I'd feel funny keeping them. (I just addressed an envelope for them, and plan to write a note tomorrow and sent it all off).