Friday, February 06, 2009

Not yet...

...but there will be FO photos soon.

I've finished the first MiL sock. Zero ease, because this stuff has no memory, and I don't want them to get all stretched out.

I'm not sure what's next...maybe a cloche (for me), or the Fuzzy Feet for DH.

It's time to decide on a fine gauge pattern for another Me sweater, too, if I can find the right yarn. With luck I might dig up enough vintage yarn from the stash to make one; otherwise I'll see what fingering weight modern yarn I have around.

This weekend will be full of knitting, but we're also supposed to get a February Thaw. I'm looking forward to that; rumor has it that the temps will be in the 50s (F) on Sunday!


Batty said...

What's a doche? Not the same as a douche, I know that much, but... what is it?

I knit myself a pair of socks in Panda Cotton and wish I'd knit them smaller. You're right, that kind of yarn has no memory, and knitting smaller is definitely a good idea.

Eileen said...

Wise guy! (time to go edit).