Thursday, February 05, 2009


That would be a great title for a mystery involving the vintage trade.

I was nosing around to find a few Albert Campion titles (author: Margery Allingham) and stumbled over a Golden Age Mysteries forum, but it won't let me post. It got me to thinking again about writing a mystery, and of the ones I like to read.

Here are some of my favorite "golden age" authors, in no particular order.

Sayers (Lord Peter Wimsey)
Christie (Tommy & Tuppence, Poirot and non-series are my favorites)
Stout (Nero Wolfe)
Allingham (Albert Campion).

There are a few present day authors who write historical mysteries set in the 20s and 30s.

Jill Churchill (Grace & Favor series)
Kerry Greenwood (Phryne Fisher)
Carola Dunn (The Hon. Daisy Dalrymple)

The later aren't on an even footing with the real thing. Hindsight can ruin a good book (!) but I enjoy them, if only because I'd like to think I could do as well.

"Deadstock", by the way, is term used to describe "old/new" items. In other words, something vintage or antique that has never been used, and might even still have the original sale tags.

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