Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring Fever and Baseball

I have both. Almost.

On Saturday evening I have two tickets to the PawSox's first Stitch & Pitch. For those of you not in the know, it means the ballpark will be flooded with needleworkers of all flavors, knitting, crocheting and otherwise stitching madly, yelling at the umpire, and (we hope) not dropping a stitch.

I might be on my own; I got two tickets because I didn't know whether the seating would be assigned (I know it wasn't in the old days, but now...who can tell!) and I figured if Batty or anyone else spoke up for it, we'd sit together.

If it's not claimed I'll donate it back. That's another thing. The people who organized this are also sponsoring a table for charity donations. I am not a selfless knitter. I want to knit for ME and MINE for the most part...but who doesn't love the warm fuzzies from helping out? This makes it easy. So...the scarf I knitted 18 months ago for another charity (which didn't make it into the post) will find its new home that way.

DH won't be there. He's not a fan anyway, though he knows more players than I do. But if you possess mainly testosterone, apparently there's No Choice. Gotta be able to talk the talk, even if you don't go there!

I'm geeked. I've bought my little t-shirt, a Sox hoodie, and am just rows away from the toe of my second Red Sox anklet. They'll be done before Saturday!

Maybe I'll remember to take the camera and get some photos. I really should. And who knows, if I ever remember to blog from home, maybe Blogger will like my computer photos better than my online batch.

Play ball!


Batty said...

I hope you had a great time! Who won?

Eileen said...

I stayed only for the first game, but the Sox won.

I'll post links and scores later on.

Got to see Kimberly (SomeBunny) for a while, too