Saturday, April 26, 2008

CT Wool & Sheep Festival, 2008

It's a lovely festival. 99 years old and going strong!

DH & I met up with Zantimissknit and her DH and had a great time. First face-to-face meeting for us all. They're terrific company......and terrific enablers! (Mr. Zanti has had some practice, too.) And as Zanti mentioned, the husbands had quite a lot in common. We had a comedy team and shopping to keep us busy.

Here we are with some of the loot!

The festival is smallish, but nicely laid out, with sheep and fiber and all. I got 4 skeins of gorgeous alpaca (knitted at a tight gauge it will make fabulous socks); one lovely coppery skein with glints of gold metallic thread (maybe enough for a lacy head scarf); 12 skeins of vintage yarn (30s and 40s!!); handmade soap...DH found a fantastic pair of black & white socks and 2-tone green fingerless gloves. I also bought fingerless gloves in a dusty cocoa color.

I also got in some good knitting time today. Finished the first Red Sox sock & cast on for the second; started the heel flap on the first Twisted sock for DH, and finished tinking back on my shawl. Quite a bit got done on the Retro Redux shrug too.

Small it might be, but we really enjoyed it. Including the lamb burgers.

A friend of mine (who was pushing me to blog in the first place) has also suggested I start adding some reviews to the mix. I used to write reviews and articles at Port Halcyon, a now-defunct online vintage magazine, so it's not unfamiliar territory.

Keep your eyes peeled. It could happen!


ami said...

I'd like to see some Knitting reviews , while you're at it!

you know, good vintage patterns and so forth...and some new ones.

And if you work out your own designs, post those!

Eileen said...

Yes, ma'am! I need to dig out the Spinnerin pattern for the '63 shrug (I made two of those) and I'll check out some other things, too.