Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve EVE

It's a great thing to celebrate, especially if you're in New York. There are some fantastic doings tonight at Patrick Soluri's Salon. Look it up in T.O.N.Y. or the Wall Street Journal, or Facebook if you're a vintage loving soul with a taste for good company and music. You won't be sorry!

We're staying here, I'm afraid, but don't plan to let it cramp our style. I spent today shopping for goodies. Tomorrow evening we're having a good dinner--filet mignon with some trimmings--and then we plan to nosh on some fabulous things: oysters, pate, caviar (flying fish roe), fruit and sweets, and wash it down with Champagne cocktails and Champagne.

As it's just the two of us we won't be going for black tie, but vintage pajamas instead. I haven't decided whether to go 20s, 30s, or 40s, but I've got them all, with slippers to match.


Batty said...

Go for comfy! Comfy is best!

We did the filet mignon dinner on Christmas Eve. With a great cut of meat, you can have a fantastic dinner without a ton of work. It's perfect.
Have fun noshing, and a Happy New Year to the both of you -- and to your furry housemates too.

Eileen said...

Oh, most are very comfy. Loose, but very pretty. I admit that some of the slippers look nicer than they feel on the feet, though.

Happy New Year to you, A., and your critters, too!