Wednesday, April 28, 2010



The David Tennant / Sir Patrick Stewart RSC production will premiere in the US tonight on PBS. 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and it will show for a while after on the PBS website.

(And I'm knitting a pair of 1950 cable socks in khaki yarn. For me. I've sized them down by using #0 needles. I'm on the toe of sock one.)



Eileen, how are you?

In February we talked about American actors and actresses, which use a rather British tongue.
In the meantime I 'settled down' in the Blogger world, now probably being used to it.

I saw, you like Screwball Comedies of the 30s and HOT JAZZ. This is rather not Hamlet (sorry!) but how do you like Irene Dunne's automobile radio in "The Awful Truth"? There we have kind of Screwball-Hotjazz - isn't that a great combo? Me - being 30s-edicted and Paul-Whiteman-adoring - is making that euphoric!

Probably dumb question ... just go on knitting ...


Eileen said...

Believe it or not, I don't remember the radio in The Awful Truth! I'll have to find a DVD and see it again.


You WILL remember, Eileen - you will ...

Irene plays a phony drunk (in fact she has had nothing but a glass of ginger-ale!). And after she sang her crazy "Gone With the Wind", the whole story gets funnier still:

Irene tries to start her car, Cary Grant objects (he thinks she really is drunk). So he takes the driver-seat, while she's making much noise with the radio - at night: With swell music, as I said before!

Irene throws away the volume-knob, so Cary can't switch it of. Great trouble ahead - nosy people, a policeman ... Now Cary and the cop are opening the hood, to stop the radio there: Irene makes noise with the horn, while they have their heads in there (!) and suddenly the radio stops. But out on the country road the radio starts again - still the same gorgeous music.

Well, the car ends up going down the slope and so does the swell music. - I must say it's one of the swellest recordings I ever heard: undoubtedly still in the tradition of 20s hot-dance, but pretty jazzy, with great trombone chorus.

Eileen, it was a pleasure to remember this. I guess you often hear music while knitting. And maybe this is the right knitting-music. ;)


To come a wee bit closer to Hamlet:

I like Purcell very much and somewhere there is a phony document on the www that tells, I'm 340 years old.

Well, I saw 'your age' in your profile and that seemed rather interesting to me weeks ago.