Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Christmas?

It's possible, according to the weather forecast. At least I'm in the Northeast now, where a storm doesn't instill real panic. Though in RI there is the most peculiar run on milk and bread. What, you couldn't go a few days without? Ah, well. (Mind,I'm not saying this is a bad idea if you have kids, but adults should be just fine with water for a few days.)

We have most of the food for Christmas dinner and for brunch that day. We bought real popcorn at the farmer's market. Home cured bacon. A pannetone for French toast. Our Christmas cards and the last package went out today.

I finished the last gift today. It's ready to be blocked. Pictures soon.


Batty said...

It's snowing like crazy right now, and I heard that Southeastern Mass/RI are supposed to get hit even harder. If it's not too warm in the next couple of days, I doubt it will all melt.

Eileen said...

You're right. We WILL have a white Christmas, and I am very glad.

The potholders are under way. They're boring to knit, but looking good.