Friday, December 19, 2008

Let It Snow!

...because I won't believe it until I see it.

I'm from New York (never mind that Missouri stuff) and we require proof. Even upstate. In fact, especially upstate, as we know from snow up there.

The entire state of Rhode Island is semi-hysterical today. Snow! Snow everywhere! Close early! (Buy out all the milk and bread.)

Cancel the office Christmas party...the one I planned and set up. (And do it without telling me first, so that when people ask me about it I look like an idiot, okay?)

This is the Northeast, people. We get snow here. If you don't like snow, may I suggest Arizona or Southern California or Florida?

Oh. One more thing. It's 12:50 and not a single snowflake is to be seen. The ground is not only devoid of snow, it's dry.

Even if it begins to snow, I don't think we'll be incommunicado for the next week. This isn't Buffalo, NY!

Bah, humbug!


oannie said...

Hello Diva- I am sleeping in and surfing our little blog stalk ring- I started laughing about the move to SoCal for no snow! You can take a peek at my blog if you like! I see you run- so do I. I am working up to a half marathon next month maybe. How to you keep up in the bad weather? I did run in the snow yesterday, but I worried about falling the whole time!

Eileen said...

I don't run seriously (yet), but I'm missing it now.

It's dark when I get up and dark when I get home, so I haven't been running lately.

I'm still trying to find something to keep fit in this weather (aside from shovelling!).