Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just ONE more document

So they say!

We are scheduled to close next Friday, August 29. I hope that we do, because today we bought a kitchen sink (1942, but looks 30s), a 1937 pedestal sink for the powder room, with a very funky hair washing hose & frame (DH fell for it...there goes the high Art Deco!), and tomorrow we are looking at a 1933 GE Monitor Top refrigerator! (I'm quite sure we'll be buying that, too.)


In addition I brought bags of vintage clothing in to Chris at Circa, and traded it all for two custom made cheongsams. One is from the 30s, it's off-white velvet with orange and green. The other is 50s. Dark red velvet, very plain, and quite New Look. He certainly got the best of the deal, but I love the dresses, and I needed the closet space.

We went to an antiques center too. DH got a pristine 1930 wall calendar; it's fabulous. I got a glass rolling pin, the kind you fill with ice to keep your pastry cold.

It's been quite a day.

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