Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's Been A While..

Sorry! I've been busy...knitting. Watching The Hobbit (just bought the DVD, too, so I'll be re-watching...what, you didn't know I was a Tolkien nerd?) and getting ready for a trip to London.

This is from a Jack Frost booklet published in 1939. It's the first of two sweaters I've made from this booklet; I have no pictures of the other, unfortunately, as my camera and my new laptop aren't very fond of  one another.

The London trip is a long-time dream come true. My husband has a business trip coming up, and I will be able to tag along. We are going to a vintage dance event one evening, and an East End show another night. We're also hoping to dine at Simpson's-On-the-Strand.

Overall, it's keeping me busy.

Happy Easter, all. I hope I will have some good photos and stories after we return.