Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I know I had a blog somewhere

It's still here. Me, too.

Apologies. Let's see, I've been:

*Knitting (socks. boring socks, but useful)
*Gardening (turning soil, planting, transplanting, weeding, get the idea)
*Baking and cooking (today, for example, I made candied orange peel, candied kumquats and presently there's a fruitcake in the oven)

There's more, none of it really exciting, but lots of it has been good. We went to Coggeshall Farms again for the fiber festival. Not only did we buy yarn, I found a gorgeous handmade basket--the kind you can take shopping--and my husband found a signed and numbered print of a sugaring off scene.

We have a new fence in the back yard. This is really big. It replaces the shabby stockade fencing that was systematically being destroyed by rampaging squirrels. Okay, not rampaging squirrels. But running squirrels can do a lot of damage!

I had a birthday. Better than not having one, I agree. The numbers don't thrill me, though. I made myself a whipped cream cake with rose icing, decorated with sugared rose petals. That was good.

Part of the reason this is being documented after the fact is simple. And sloppy. The cord I need to upload photos is hiding somewhere in my disaster are--I mean, work room. Until I excavate, there it will stay. None of the spells I've tried to cast have had any results.